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Kayak and Paddle Board Fishing

Enjoy a peaceful outing drifting lazily with the tide as we cast and reel 'em in! Perfect for all ages, whether you are an experienced angler or are looking to hook your first fish!

Fishing from a kayak/paddle board is a completely unique and different experience than fishing from a boat. With a much smaller profile and no roar of an outboard engine, you are able to become one with your environment and sneak in way closer to fish than you would in a large boat. There is no water too shallow, we often drag our equipment over sand bars into areas that a boat would never dream of going. In these back country areas the fish are less pressured and more willing to smash your lure, fly, or bait. South Carolina is blessed with excellent fishing opportunities year round. With a lifetime of angling knowledge in salt, fresh, and the brackish water in between, I will put you in the best situations and locations to experience the catch of a lifetime whether you've fished your whole life or if it's your first time. Spin and fly rods are available. All ages welcome! Join me as we stalk redfish and black drum in the marsh, drift for flounder, or cast top water flies and lures under cypress trees to hungry bass and bowfin. One trip and you will understand what makes kayak/paddle board fishing along the South Carolina coast so special and exciting! 

Call 843-992-0594 or fill out the form to book or for fishing reports and information!

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